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CBD Gummie Cubes in a bottle (90mg)

Includes 30 cubes, 3mg CBD each cube.

Full Spectrum CBD

Since 2010 our 90mg gummies continue to be our customers favorite! With 3mg of full spectrum CBD hemp extract per gummie cube, these delicious gummies are sure to get your day started with  positive and energetic mood. Our original 90mg gummies are always with natural and organic ingredients, 1 gram net weight per gummie cube. A great choice to keep your sugar intake to a minimum. 90mg hemp extract total per bottle.

Timed Release – Our gummies are formulated  to release a steady stream of CBD into your system over a certain period of time, releasing the active ingredient slowly until it reaches the small intestine and becoming fully activated. 

2-Way Delivery System – With our proprietary formula we are able to infuse our gummies while in the making as well as coat our gummies through the surface thereby feeling the CBD effect almost instantaneously.  The advantage of infused gummies gives you a long lasting effect and full bioavailability making CBD fully absorbed by the body so you may receive its full benefits.

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