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Black Seed Oil: The Superhero Supplement Ingredient

Black Seed Oil: The Superhero Supplement Ingredient

Black seed oil is extracted from black cumin seed or black caraway seed. These seeds are derived from a flowering plant native to Western Asia and Africa called Nigella sativa. The seeds are often ground into a spice, or the oil is extracted for medicinal purposes, creating black seed oil.

The main active compound, thymoquinone, is known to have numerous medicinal properties. Black seed oil is often used for asthma, allergies, inflammation, and managing many other symptoms of health conditions.

While black seed oil does not have magical healing properties, scientific studies have shown that it does offer many health benefits. Discover the wellness benefits of black seed oil and how taking Black Seed Plus gummies from Ingredients for Health can support your overall health.

Cardiovascular Health

Black seed oil derived from Nigella sativa could be valuable in therapeutic treatment of cardiovascular diseases or in preventing these diseases.

A review of published data looked at the cardiovascular effects of Nigella sativa to determine if it has possible benefits for cardiovascular health. This review assessed the relationship between black seed oil and cardiotoxicity, blood pressure, lipid profiles, and other aspects of cardiovascular health.

The review determined that the use of Nigella sativa derivatives positively affects several aspects of cardiovascular health. The studies support the use of black seed oil from Nigella sativa to significantly reduce blood pressure and suggest that it protects against hypertension-induced tissue damage.

A human clinical study on black seed oil examined the supplement’s effect on 19 volunteers and their blood pressure. The subjects experienced a marked decrease in their systolic blood pressure, 11.2%, and diastolic blood pressure, 12.2%, after the 108-day study.

Blood Sugar Regulation and Weight Management

Black seed oil is often used with other supplements or medications as a form of weight management or treatment for diabetes. A 2019 systematic review aimed to determine if black seed oil positively affected hyperglycemia and diabetes control. The studies used various preparations of Nigella sativa in varying doses.

All the studies included in the review reported positive effects of black seed oil on Type II Diabetes. It improved the laboratory parameters of hyperglycemia and diabetes control. Multiple reviewed studies proved that black seed oil can reduce blood glucose levels. This was caused by a fall in fasting blood glucose combined with a rise in serum insulin.

A 2017 study aimed to prove if black cumin seed oil could reduce HbA1c levels in patients with metabolic syndrome risk. This randomized, single-blind controlled experiment found that administering black seed oil for 20 days decreased HbA1c levels.

Black seed oil can elicit positive benefits in blood sugar regulation, lowering HbA1c levels, hyperglycemia, and weight loss related to overall diabetes control.

Sinusitis and Tonsillitis

Black seed oil contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can combat symptoms of sinusitis and tonsillitis. A study on the management of sinusitis used black seed oil to determine if it could inhibit inflammation in the sinuses. The study concluded that black seed oil may reduce sinus and airway inflammation and prevent microbial infections. This could help manage some of the symptoms of sinusitis.

Black seed oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to help alleviate signs of some respiratory diseases. It can effectively relieve some tonsillitis symptoms, such as a sore throat. A scientific review of the clinical and experimental effects of Nigella sativa on respiratory disorders found that black seed oil can positively affect symptoms such as a sore throat.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, a combination of black seed oil and Phyllanthus niruri extract was orally administered for seven days in patients with acute tonsillo-pharyngitis. At the end of the study, the sore throat was relieved in patients treated with the extract combination, while the placebo group did not have sore throat relief.

Immune System Support

Due to the relationship between inflammation and the immune system, the anti-inflammatory properties of black seed oil can be beneficial in immune system support. A research review focused on the components of black seed oil and how it can impact the human immune system.

The thymoquinone found in black seed oil can reduce oxidative stress and be beneficial in the balance of inflammatory cytokines. The research indicated that Nigella sativa could be a beneficial supplement in patients with immune complications. The other health benefits of black seed oil, such as its antimicrobial properties, can also indirectly offer immune system support.

Asthma and Allergies

The anti-inflammatory properties of black seed oil can also be beneficial in managing asthma. In a review of studies conducted to examine the effect of Nigella sativa on asthmatic subjects, Nigella sativa oil supplementation improved clinical parameters of asthma, such as ACT score and the pulmonary function test.

Black seed oil is also used to treat symptoms of allergies. In a scientific evaluation of a topical black seed oil used for allergy relief, patients with symptoms ranging from mild to severe received black seed oil. Slightly over 92% of patients in the active test group experienced an improvement in their symptoms or were free of systems at the end of six weeks.

The various anti-inflammatory properties of black seed oil can contribute to asthma and allergy relief in patients experiencing a wide range of symptoms.

Get Black Seed Oil Supplements at Ingredient For Health

As black seed oil continues to be the subject of clinical trials and scientific studies, more possible health benefits are emerging. The numerous health benefits of black seed oil make it a versatile supplement that can treat various conditions and symptoms.

To get the benefits of black seed oil, try Black Seed Plus gummies from Ingredient For Health. Our potent 4-in-1 formula contains black seed oil from Ethiopian and Turkish sources, organic black elderberry, zinc, and Vitamin D. With just 2 gummies per day, you can support your overall health for improved cardiovascular and immune wellness.

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